Our Services


Our services are tailored to your needs. You will not have to pay for anything you do not need and the rate will be cost-effective. Some of the services we provide are as follows: 

QuickBooks setup, clean, repair 
Balancing and reconciling bank, credit card, and loan accounts
Categorizing expenses
Invoicing and paying bills
Running, paying, and filing payroll
Filing forms such as annual reports
Provide strategic financial reports
Maintain software including handling technology issues


How often has the daily to-do list gone to the wayside due to an immediate need to invoice or pay bills or how many times were you ready to go home and remembered you had to run payroll?

We can quickly and accurately conduct these tasks to give you more time.


Do you think about hiring a bookkeeper but do not investigate because you already know you cannot afford it?

We can assess situations and complete work much faster than the competition resulting in excellent work for a lot less. You will be able to afford it.


Are you asking yourself if your financial reports are enough? Do you feel like something is missing?

Anyone can run financial reports to show you the differences between this year and last year.  We know how to run reports which will reveal overlooked opportunities.

Setup, Clean, Repair

Does Accounting software give you more time?

Unfortunately not. Accounting software helps, however, it is not a fix for additional time. We can easily setup, clean, and repair your QuickBooks file. Although, you may find our affordable monthly service rates a better option.


When you dreamt about starting a business, were the books in your dreams? Now, are the books on the bottom of the enjoyed tasks list? 

Desire eliminates errors. We love doing the books and especially enjoy error-free work. Think of errors or late payment fees as your bookkeeper’s pay. 


How many times have you told yourself you are going to keep-up on your records? 

We can easily keep detailed and accurate records for the government and your strategic meetings.
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